Optimizing Philanthropic Investment with AI: A Case Study of The Altruist League (preprint)

By the Altruist League, 2023

This case study examines how the Altruist League leveraged artificial intelligence to match donors focused on systemic change with grassroots organizations and movements worldwide. Having built the biggest dataset of such groups globally, the team developed an AI system for donor-partner matching, achieving over 90% accuracy. The League then began developing and using large language models trained on its data, allowing automated summarization, matching, performance tracking and donor advice generation

Routledge Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and Philanthropy


Routledge Handbook on AI & Philanthropy

Edited by Milos Maricic and Dr. Giuseppe Ugazio, 2024

The upcoming Routledge Handbook on Artificial Intelligence and Philanthropy will present the the most authoritative, comprehensive, and contemporary writing on the topic. By generating solid academic contributions, this handbook will have a double role: (1) stand as a reference point for the adoption of AI by the philanthropic and sustainable finance sectors, and (2) guide the role of practitioners in promoting the development of ethical and inclusive artificial intelligence. 


Fixing Philanthropy : Six Principles for Actually Improving the World When Giving Away Money

By Milos Maricic & Ekaterina Chernova, 2021

Philanthropy is on the defensive. Recent bestsellers have accused it of hypocrisy, ineffectiveness, and of serving to protect the status quo. There are more and more prominent billionaire philanthropists but the key problems in our society persist—growing inequality, a crisis of democracy, climate inaction. “Fixing Philanthropy,” Amazon #1 bestseller in its category for 2021, proposes six principles for making philanthropy relevant again.

Fixing Philanthropy Book
Generative AI Ten Things Executives Should Know

Executive Brief

Generative AI: Ten Things Executives Should Know

By Executive AI & the Altruist League, 2023

This briefing note offers executives a succinct yet comprehensive primer on generative AI, covering the capabilities and limitations of leading tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, potential business applications across departments, guidelines for developing an ethical AI strategy, risks to watch out for, and the complex challenges faced by policymakers seeking to regulate this rapidly evolving technology. 

Presented in an accessible Q&A format, the briefing provides actionable intelligence to help leaders harness the transformative power of AI while safeguarding their organizations and society.


Altruist League’s methodology: a factsheet

By the Altruist League, 2020

The Altruist League brings together governments, businesses and philanthropists determined to create real change in our societies. The activist movements in the League’s investment portfolio (The Altruist Index™) are working to stop climate change and reduce all forms of unfair inequality. This document lays out the organization’s founding principles and its revolutionary methodology.

Altruist League's Methodology