The home of AI-driven, systemic philanthropy

The home of AI-driven, systemic philanthropy


The Altruist League

The Altruist League is a top-tier, technology-driven philanthropy advisory. We specialize in strategies that drive deep, systemic impact globally. We leverage advanced machine learning for investment sourcing, matching, and performance tracking, and have been doing so for close to a decade. We are based in Geneva and have offices worldwide. Currently, we are not
accepting new clients.



Optimizing Philanthropic Investment with AI: A Case Study of The Altruist League (preprint)

By the Altruist League, 2023

This case study examines how the Altruist League leveraged artificial intelligence to match donors focused on systemic change with grassroots organizations and movements worldwide. Having built the biggest dataset of such groups globally, the team developed an AI system for donor-partner matching, achieving over 90% accuracy. The League then began developing and using large language models trained on its data, allowing automated summarization, matching, performance tracking and donor advice generation



Routledge Handbook on AI & Philanthropy

Edited by Milos Maricic and Dr. Giuseppe Ugazio, 2024

The upcoming Routledge Handbook on Artificial Intelligence and Philanthropy will present the the most authoritative, comprehensive, and contemporary writing on the topic. By generating solid academic contributions, this handbook will have a double role: (1) stand as a reference point for the adoption of AI by the philanthropic and sustainable finance sectors, and (2) guide the role of practitioners in promoting the development of ethical and inclusive artificial intelligence. 

Routledge Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and Philanthropy