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The Altruist League

The Altruist League is a pioneering philanthropic advisory firm headquartered in Geneva, founded in 2015 with a bold mission: to revolutionize the way the world approaches philanthropy. 

Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, we specialize in connecting visionary donors with grassroots organizations dedicated to systemic change in areas such as climate action, human rights, and food security. Our AI-driven matching system boasts over 90% accuracy, ensuring that investments are impactful and transformative. By democratizing philanthropy, we empower small, niche organizations and foster trust-based relationships that drive real-world change.



The Altruist League’s journey began with a radical vision to address the world’s most pressing challenges through coalition-building and technological innovation. From its inception, the League assembled a global database of grassroots organizations and developed state-of-the-art AI systems to revolutionize donor-partner matching.

Despite facing significant operational and market challenges, our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence secured us a loyal clientele. Over the years, we expanded into sustainable investing and ESG analysis, but our core focus on philanthropy led us to spin off our for-profit arm in 2020. Today, the Altruist League stands at the forefront of philanthropic innovation, continually setting new standards for impact and effectiveness.